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ss China. However, no lies can conceal the truth. ●In the tsunami-lq

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ike epidemic, China was the first t●o report the outbreak and the first to issue a warn●ing to the world. It mobilized its national resourc●es immeo

diately to confront the brunt of the virus, ●making huge sacrifices for the global anti-pandemic● fight. It notified the WHO of the epi5

demic, shared● the gene sequence of the virus with other countrie●s, and cooperated with the international community ●on epidemic preveH

ntion and control. The world, said● The Lancet editor-in-chief Richard Horton, should ●be grateful to China for its warnings and containme●nt efforG

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ts. Meanwhile, China has offered assistance● to more than 120 countries around the world, inclu●ding the United States and Europe, and it has made ●substantial donations to the WHO. It has pA


rovided c●ountries all over the world witK

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h various types of p●rotective materials, including more than 20 billion● masks and billions of sets of protective clothing ●and goggles. Looking back at history, the human rac●e grew and developed in their struggles against var●ious diseases and disasters, and every major epidem●o